Ditches to Riches Book
Ditches to Riches Book
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Ditches to Riches

In his book, Ditches to Riches, Will offers up some real-life lessons from a man who had it all, then lost it, then got it all back again. Will was dealt a bad hand when he was sent to prison for more than two years for a crime he did not commit. Once free, he moved to a new state with no money and a felony conviction still marring his otherwise perfect record. The only thing he had was a friend who let him sleep on his couch and a job digging ditches in the Florida heat. But he did have one other thing, a desperate desire to climb out of that ditch.



Ditches to Riches is about the daily struggle that people find themselves in working towards success and the pitfalls that keep them from succeeding. a comprehensive step by step instruction plan on how to make 6 figures.