Capt. Will Smith is a two time published author. He is also an entreprenuer who operates his own private charter flight business. When he is not flying privately, Capt. Smith can be seen on various television stations and has also been featured on several podcasts. Capt. Smith is also an advocate for those who have been wrongfully convicted. His book, Ditches to Riches, has been approved by the Florida Department of Corrections to be provided to inmates transitioning back into society.



Capt.  Will Smith’s journey began with a wrongful conviction.  While he was in prison, he decided he wouldn’t take this injustice lying down and decided to fight.  This led to an internet campaign in which the corruption within the judicial system was exposed and saw the removal of the judge that wronged him.

Fast forward, Capt.  Will Smith tells his story in the hopes that this does not continue.  He has written two books about his ordeal.  Falling from The Sky, which chronicles this incarceration and redemption in greater detail, as well as Ditches to Riches.  Ditches to Riches chronicles his fight to assimilate into society after his conviction was cleared to him becoming an entrepreneur.  However, most importantly, he is an advocate for those released from prison.  Capt.  Will Smith can be seen partnering with various nonprofit organizations that fight to help those wrongfully accused, as well as those trying to start their lives over after release.



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